Thursday, January 20, 2011

Most Wanted Vacation...

After countless of months (actually, years!) with tight schedules on our neck, my hubby and i got (finally!!!) some time off our down to the south, we had our trip (to  my hometown! Koronadal City,South Cotabato).

We both love nature and we just can't help the jaw-dropping sceneries we realizing, how come we haven't known this for so long?! Isn't it lovely, the not-so-adulterated-yet place in this part of the planet? (just look at our background, i may suggest). 

If still not convinced, take your cue from this...breathtaking right? Just one of the 7 falls...

And another one...we wanted to swim, but geeesh we forgot our gears! (tsk! tsk! with much regret...). To make up for that, we opted for this instead ---

What do you think of that? hehehe...there i knew how it feels to fly like an eagle! this was the ultimate experience we had on that day...hey, why don't you try and shout your heart out to release all the pent-up emotions, hang-ups and all sorts?!(emote ba hehehe)...i did just like that and the wind snatched everything! Why oh thank you!!! it's a good way to start 2011 with a clean slate! And to that note, all these adventures convinced us both to settle in this place for good. The zipline helped zip our decision to stay in this wonderful place ;D What a way to start this year!

I'm not much of a writer, but you see I'm trying here okay ;P...Well then, thanks for the patience and for flying with me to the south...

The Journey in Reading

Since time immemorial, our ancestors managed to scribble anything to keep whatever event (hmmm, sounding like a prophet eh?)...and that is what we are enjoying right now. With all these materials to read, we can go back to which ever era we want, why not? get one and drown to your own delight!!!

so this was the last book i have read, truth is...i like the book-version than the big screen-version for it actually made me teleport to Italy...India...and Indonesia. Oh well, it also depends whichever works for you! Okay so i'm off now for hunting a new material!